The Architect’s value to IT, to the business, to the client.

The other day we held our next webinar, which was organized with the participation of All Stars IT. The speaker was the founder of the Architects Club – Maxym Bezugliy.

Maxym spoke about when we need architects, their role in IT and business. Architect in outsourcing and what their role is in communication.

We also learned who the architects are, and who the good architects grow up to be.

We are grateful to Maksym Bezugliy for his willingness to share his experiences and spread the culture and value of the Architect.

Special thanks to Yevgeny Nedashkovsky and All Stars IT for co-hosting and hosting the webinar.

If you did not manage to catch the webinar, you have a great opportunity to watch it at

We are sure there are many more of these cool webinars ahead!

Be with us!


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