One of our missions is to help cluster members in developing their businesses.

That’s why this month KITC is launching a large-scale IT Business MasterMind project.

IT Business MasterMind is a meeting of like-minded people aimed to develop projects, find unique solutions with a combination of brainstorming, learning by doing, setting personal goals, with group support and feedback from each participant.

The first meeting of IT Business MasterMind will be moderated by experienced facilitator Evgeniy Yevtushenko, Development Director of DEPS, the leading Ukrainian telecommunication system integrator and distributor.

The topic of the event is: “Optimizing sales channels to improve business profitability”

At each meeting participants see progress, evaluate what they have managed to do, get feedback, support and see well how much progress they have made.

The expected event duration is 3 hours.

After the meeting, a separate chat room will be created to foster participants’ dialogue so they could create new activities, share ideas, insights, accomplishments and useful information, and receive support.

If you have problems in your business, MasterMind will help you to solve them. If you’re doing well, but want to do even better, MasterMind will show you how. You will be able to look at your business in a new way and build your further development strategy.

Join us! Let’s rock your IT Business together!#nbsp;


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