Kyiv IT Cluster as a base for Setting up R&D or outsourcing branch company in Ukraine.

The World Hi-Tech Industry players recognized Ukraine as one of the countries with a high market potential several decades ago.

Lately, this year, Forbes Ukraine listed the top 30 Hi-Tech international but originally Ukrainian startups with more than 20 Million valuations each. Over 60 Ukrainian companies are included in ranking the world’s best IT outsourcing companies, following top research ratings in 2020. These facts allow us to state that the Ukrainian Hi-Tech ecosystem has been dynamically growing.

Moreover, many global companies have opened their branches and R&D offices to benefit from hiring low-cost Ukrainian high-tech professionals. Primarily known as the talent market with more than 200,000 tech professionals with 10% annual growth, it is becoming more and more attractive to hire a dev team that fully understands and fulfills the performance needs.

As an IT community, Kyiv IT Cluster unites IT companies, consulting partners, recruiting agencies, and creative spaces for IT specialists.

Kyiv IT Cluster with its members prepared several decisions for foreign IT companies.

Partnership with IT companies of Kyiv IT Cluster.

As the union of IT companies, Kyiv IT Cluster will introduce you to members of Cluster that have different expertise and products onboard like:

Fintech, Agritech, E-commerce, Retail, Automotive&Logistics,(Coreteka, AllStarsIT-Ukraine) Big Data, Machine Learning &AI (Entropi) Healthcare Mobile development, Web development, DigitalMarketing& Adtech,#nbsp;HoReCa, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Cloud, Cyber Security(Eleks, Innohub group) CRM&Automatisation, Fashion, Gaming, Telecom, Outstaffing, UI/UX, VR,(Sannacode,#nbsp;Leater) etc.

Nowadays, Kyiv IT Cluster companies already cooperate with the following countries: Canada, Israel, USA, Japan, UAE, Estonia, Norway, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

Cluster’s companies have a wide range of products that can be licensed for you or, in some cases, bayed.

Recruiting and outstaffing.

Kyiv IT cluster companies or recruiting agencies can provide you staff of specialists or certain specialists. As a result, you will get a partner who controls the process of product development and take on his part all operational expenses and procedures.

For example, our partners#nbsp;DevteamRadar#nbsp;or Data Science UA can help you search and form developer teams or particular software specialists.

Registration of own IT company with staff.

If you want to collect a team with your legal entity or control, you can request the support of our legal partner ALTER. Our legal partners have experience in building the structure of IT companies, employment contracts, immigration questions, and protection of IP rights.

Staff placement

In the beginning, many clients don’t want to waste time searching for some space where employees will sit. That’s why Kyiv IT Cluster can recommend our strategic partner, Coworking Platforma that has a network of coworking spaces over Ukraine and in Kyiv, where you can sit your specialists.

To sum up, if you choose the Kyiv IT cluster like the partner, you will get the union of companies that cover your key questions, requests, necessities, and excellent results for your clients and partners.

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