About Kyiv IT Cluster
We unite, educate, strengthen, inspire. We are the platform for cooperation and uniting companies of Kyiv IT Ecosystem for reaching common goals
Improve the living standards of the region and the country by helping to grow the local IT ecosystem
Strategic goal
Unite the community and improve the factors of production, expertise and professionalism of the participants to make Kyiv the leading IT location of Eastern Europe
General Strategy
To make Kyiv IT Cluster the heart of the region in information technologies development and communications and help realize the potential of local IT specialists
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Supervisory Board
Igor Arkhypenko
Head of Supervisory Board
Kyiv IT Cluster
Natalia Veremeeva
Tech Ukraine
Supervisory Board
Sergey Scherbanenko
Supervisory Board
Anna Karmazina
Supervisory Board
Sofia Belenkova
Supervisory Board
Solomon-Shlomo Amar
AllStars-IT Ukraine
Supervisory Board
Vladyslav Andrushshenko
Supervisory Board
Vika Zhurbas
Artiom Komolov
Communications & GR Lead
Dmytro Mashtalir
Community Builder
Vita Kabaliuk
Community Manager
Lilia Mitina
Head of Export Office
Cross-cluster and Communities Cooperation
We are interested in:
Establishing connections with other clusters and international communities for organising meetups and improving business connections between our members
Establishing consortiums for joint cooperation on relevant grant programs
Helping our members in finding good international partners and clients
We want the world to know more about IT in Ukraine and Kyiv IT region as we have so much to offer. Contact us to get the latest information about the region or use the materials below.
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