Based in offices in Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Lviv, Sombra develops software for clients in the US, Canada, and Europe. The company’s projects help to optimize processes and create value for users.

Stack of technologies: Java, Angular, React, Vue, NodeJS, AQA, DevOps, NET.

Sombra takes pride in its hiring process and looks primarily for people who share their values.

What should you know about Sombra?

– The priority of the company is to solve clients’ business problems, the whole team is ready to work until the client is satisfied with our service;

– Sombra believes that there are no hopeless situations and it is always possible to find an alternative, to offer a better solution;

– Quickly adapting is a must-have skill for Sombra, so it is always ready for new challenges and reaching new heights;

– Development is an integral part of Sombra, which is why it has established a strong IT community and mentoring system within the company;

– The Sombra team believes that honest, open teamwork is essential for healthy working relationships.

Sombra was also named on the Clutch platform as one of the top 5 fastest-growing and most sustainable Ukrainian IT companies.

Sombra employees are young, progressive team, who are always happy to share experiences with others, join educational projects, to promote the IT industry among students and school children.

The Sombra team is ready to share their experience:

🔹 in building a strong and effective internal technical community,

🔹 in passing quality audits,

🔹 in opening new office locations and planning their operations,

🔹 in setting up company processes.

In Cluster, Sombra wants to expand its relationships and make friendships with different communities (tech and non-tech) and partners and learn from the experience of brand building in Kyiv.

Follow this link and find out more about Sombra!

We are excited for new, cool and progressive companies nearby!


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