Kyiv IT Cluster dedicates the 2020-2021 business season to the full unification of Kyiv’s technological community.

We have planned:

– Update participation packages
– Activate work with partners
– To unite the social initiatives of the city on a single platform,
– Help participants communicate with each other and receive timely information about new opportunities.

Since 2016, the Cluster has developed a powerful working base, attracted grant funds, and carried out internal transformation in order to expand the range of its own opportunities for members and partners of the organization.

“It is important to join forces and help Kyiv become the main IT hub of Ukraine.” Representatives of the technology market have a fairly good idea of the Kharkiv and Lviv IT hubs, but they do not have a complete picture of the hub in the capital, although it occupies more than 50% of the market.” – Natalya Veryemeeva, Head of the Supervisory Board of Kyiv IT Cluster.

We present the updated website of the organization at the link.

We invite you to support the activities of the Cluster and join as a new member of the organization or as a partner to focus efforts on the development of the entire IT community of Kyiv, the center of the country’s most powerful technological potential!

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