Kyiv IT Cluster has successfully organised vaccination for its participants

Fighting the consequences of the coronavirus infection pandemic is impossible without a massive prophylactic vaccination of most world’s population and especially in Ukraine.

That is why, taking care of the well-being and health of our participants, Kyiv IT Cluster has successfully organised and conducted vaccination of their employees, members and cluster partners.

Since the active phase of immunization of organised collectives managed by the Ministry of Health, started in summer, the vaccination has to be organised in several stages. Yesterday, the first 200 people received a second shot of the Comirnaty vaccine produced by Pfizer/BioNTech, thus completing the first round of vaccination. Another 100 people were vaccinated today with the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. The completion of the full process of organised vaccination is currently scheduled for the sixth of September.#nbsp;

“We are very pleased that Kyiv IT cluster, a member of which is our company, in a short time, has organized vaccination and has not forgotten to invite their partners to get the first shot of the vaccine,” commented Aleksandra Boguslavska, CEO and founder of Data Science UA. “The management of the entire process, starting from communication until receiving the second vaccination shot, was organized on a high level, and the care of the Cluster about the health of all its participants is exciting,” she added.

Professionalism and experience of the doctors of the Central Rayon Ambulance of the Darnytsky Rayon (Kyiv) have played a significant role in the vaccination. The doctors have followed the condition of the health of vaccinated persons and also responded to clarifying questions from those who want to get a vaccine.

“We greatly thank the MoH and doctors who have joined the vaccination, because their professionalism played an important role in conducting quality and fast vaccinations. We hope that these doses of the vaccine will contribute to the faster formation of collective immunity to the population of Ukraine and overcoming the consequences of coronavirus disease,” said Artem Komolov, Communications Lead and vaccination coordinator of the Cluster.

In addition, we want to thank the “Platforma” coworking space and the “Inveria” event space, without the support of which the vaccination would be impossible.


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