Today was the third IT Breakfast with members of the Kyiv IT Cluster and representatives of different fields, who are interested in the IT community of the city.

Kyiv IT Breakfast is a regular meeting of the Cluster members and everyone interested in Kyiv IT communities organized in an informal atmosphere over a cup of coffee.

Today we met with:
* IT business owners;
* representatives of start-ups;
* representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
* journalists;
* and people are interested in the Kyiv IT community.

We talked about the goals and activities of the Cluster, plans, and objectives, and exchanged ideas and possible joint projects.
Kyiv IT Cluster thanks everyone who was with us today, it was incredible!

Want to join us at the next Kyiv IT Breakfast? Follow this link: and fill out the form to be with us!

See you at the next Kyiv IT Breakfast!

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