International cooperation is one of the main activities of the Kyiv IT Cluster. We are actively expanding contacts and establishing cooperation.

Today we are glad to introduce to you our Ambassador for export in Asian countries – Hiroshi Shibata

Hiroshi is CEO of Agora IT Consulting and Agora International Inc, representative of Japan, IT Ukraine Association, manager of Online corp, Neolab & Eliza Software branch in Ukraine and also Hiroshi launched the first Internet startup and founded a software and website localization company in 2009.

Hiroshi Shibata is a well-known IT entrepreneur and expert in AI & Blockchain with 10 years of experience in IT services in investment banking, project management and offshore development in India and Eastern Europe as well as the USA, UK and Australia. Currently providing offshore development consulting support for Japanese companies and marketing support for local IT companies in Kyiv.

KITC is delighted with this cooperation and we believe there are many cool joint projects ahead.


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