What helps IT entrepreneurs achieve their goals faster?

Certainly, the support of like-minded people, the opportunity to speak the same language, get an objective assessment of achievements and learn from experience.

On September 9 Kharkiv IT Cluster presented the results of research IT industry of the region KHARKIV IT RESEARCH 2021,

The presentation gathered representatives from Western and Eastern Ukraine in one location. It was nice to see a real solidarity of the IT community, a willingness to speak frankly and objectively and to search for solutions together.

Ukraine’s IT community has long been demanding fresh data to understand what is actually happening to the industry.

“The survey results from KPMG reaffirm what a great job we have done. As in the situation with the regulatory challenge from the state, we can only overcome the problems of IT education and the lack of qualified specialists together. For six years the Kharkiv IT Cluster has created a strong portfolio of educational projects, which we are ready to scale up to the country level. One company, even the biggest one, can’t overcome the challenge of lack of specialists – it can be done only by joining efforts of the IT business,” – Alexander Medovoy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kharkiv IT Cluster, founder of AltexSoft.


🔹IT industry is the only industry in Ukraine to show 20% growth in 2020.

🔹511 IT companies and most with 200+ employees.

🔹 87% of them plan to grow next year.

🔹 57% prefer hybrid working model (remote working)

🔹 IT industry in Kharkiv: $1.46BLN in 2021

🔹45000 IT professionals in Kharkiv region expected by the end of 2021


> Average age: 32 years.

> 65% male, 35% female.

According to the reserch, 100% have university (higher) education, 64% – technical background. The entire audience speaks English, 22% also speak German, 11% speak French, 5% speak Spanish, 2% speak Chinese and 1% speak Polish.

#nbsp;79% of Kharkiv IT Professionals work in the top 5 areas:

  • #nbsp;Healthcare & pharmaceutical,
  • E-commerce,
  • #nbsp;Education & learning,
  • Insurance & travel,
  • Retail & wholesale


🔹 Kiev – 29%

🔹 Kharkiv – 16%

🔹 Lviv – 9%

🔹 Dnipro – 8%

🔹 Odessa – 5%.


🔹 78% North America

16% Europe

🔹 7% Asia


🔹 43% Senior IT Specialists (+30% by 2019) – an average of 8.3 years experience

🔹 23% Middle IT Specialists (- 45% to 2019) – average of 5.2 years experience

🔹 34% Junior IT Specialists (-6% by 2019) – average 2.8 years experience

TOP – 5 priorities for IT SPECIALISTS:

🔹 92% good income

🔹 54% team atmosphere

🔹 52% challenging projects

🔹 49% career prospects

🔹 49% comfortable schedule


🔹 $2260 – average for any professional in an it company

🔹 $2,488 – average for a developer

🔹 $500-$1500 – junior salary


🔹 7% in-house courses

🔹 24% external training

🔹 37% English language courses

🔹 17% professional certifications

EDUCATION – hot points

🔹Searching new business models to attract and motivate all roles: students, teachers, rectors, IT companies as customers, company professionals as mentors/teachers.

🔹 Total autonomy of universities without CRU, “money goes to students”.

🔹 Focus on quick entry into IT: specialization in college, then mandatory 1-2 years internship in a company and only then a full-fledged CONSCIOUS undergraduate degree (3 or 4 years – doesn’t matter).

🔹 Supervisory boards for IT entrepreneurs in universities. Insight: supervisory boards are already working in some universities in Ukraine, but the effect is still little felt.

🔹 4,819 IT graduates from universities (+ 14% by 2020).


🔹 Kharkiv’s IT sector has donated $21mln to charity, which is 2% of the total rhubarb.

To sum up, we can note that the IT industry players’ ability to unite to overcome common challenges, strong potential of educational institutions, events and conferences form a comfortable and simultaneously highly competitive environment for IT-business.

Congratulations to KharkivItCluster and KPMG for a successful presentation of KHARKIV IT RESEARCH 2021.

Thank you for your energy and proactive stance!


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