Discover new opportunities, networking options and education benefits. Welcome to Kyiv IT Cluster!
*Export and Collaboration
Online trading mission for Cluster members (as of today: Brasil, France, Israel, Japan, Sweden, UAE).

Joint participation in grant programmes organised by USAID Competitive Economy Program.
Cooperation and creation of a database of partners: bridge organizations, Chambers of Commerce, embassies, gathering a database of such contacts, sharing opportunities in the chats of the Cluster.
Exchange of potential customers among Cluster members
*PR in Ukraine
Articles in top Ukrainian IT media resources with references to Cluster members
Active maintenance of the cluster's social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), where we talk about our members, the cluster's Telegram channel as a mini media of community news and news for the community.
An active blog of the cluster's website with interviews from cluster companies presented on it (articles are published in two languages: Ukrainian and English).
Dissemination of company's news in Cluster's newsletter.
* International PR
An article in foreign media about Kyiv as a technological hub with an indication of the Cluster members.
Placing information about the Cluster and its members on international resources.
Partnership with clusters of other countries and cross promotions (blogs, social networks) – 5 clusters-friends who actively write about us, our members, and we write about them.
Providing an opportunity for cluster members to put on the site a sign with information that the company is a member of the cluster.
* Networking
Bonuses for each member
Legal support
3 hours of consultations per quarter
Document templates
Support in case of the search
30% off for more complex cases and services
HR support
Recruiting assistance
Usage of eSports as a business tool for solving HR-needs,
Organisation of internal eSports competitions
Kyiv is the biggest city of Ukraine, where all the high level specialists are gathered.
Our mission is to support individual and professional development of each community member.
Networking meetings on quarterly basis.
Online meetings and consultations with experts in Clubhouse.
Mastermind sessions with IT companies and R&D corporations.
Lead generation via Cluster's LinkedIn.
Internal joint mentoring.

Opportunity to share information about your business or company about services or special offers in Cluster's newsletters and internal chat of members.

Discounts or special conditions for the community from our partners (coworking services in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, hotels, banks, restaurants etc)
We unite IT companies in the Kyiv region both for strategic cooperation and for information support and development. Any IT company can become a member of the cluster.
We are a platform for cooperation and unification to achieve common goals.
Kyiv IT Сluster invites to join the community both companies and talented individuals who are interested in the development of IT-environment of the capital and expand their prospects.
Synergy is the superpower! Collaboration with other IT clusters, IT associations and communities proves to be an effective development for each of the participants.
We welcome partners who are interested in development of Kyiv IT Cluster.
We initiate and support cooperation in all directions, which can only interest IT-companies on the way of development: communication, training, information support, work with the authorities, increasing exports, creating a technology park and the like.
Kyiv IT Cluster is open for partnership with any event-companies, banks, insurance companies, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, educational institutions and authorities.

Kyiv IT Cluster is a gateway to the IT environment of the region.
Every day the IT ecosystem of Ukraine grows and becomes interesting to more people, including public people, investors, international companies, venture funds, accelerator centers, and so on. We invite everyone who shares the mission, values and philosophy of the cluster to become our ambassador and contribute to the development of the IT environment in the region.

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