On October 29, Kyiv IT Cluster together with PandaDoc and technology space for startups iHUB organised IT tech meetup “How to improve development life cycle with dynamic environments in Kubernetes”. The speaker of the event was Andrei Shahun Senior DevOps Engineer at PandaDoc.

Due to the high prevalence of coronavirus, the long-awaited event was held in a mixed online and offline format. The event was moderated by Artem Komolov, Communication Manager of Kyiv IT Cluster.

In his speech, Andrei described, based on more than a decade of experience in the industry:

  • PandaDoc: a company that recently became another “unicorn” in the IT industry;
  • Dynamic environment and features of working with it;
  • The life cycle of software development and operation through a dynamic environment in Kubernetes;
  • Technical challenges that the team had to overcome in the course of their work;
  • Dynamic environment architecture.

Also during the event, the speaker shared his plans and ideas for developing the existing PandaDoc platform.

The event continued with an active half-hour Q&A session, after which the organizers chose the best question posed by the guests of the event. The winner received an unexpected but nice present from PandaDoc.

We would like to remind you that PandaDoc has more than a hundred open positions for everyone, so if you want to be part of a progressive company team, follow the link www.pandadoc.com/careers and find your dream job.

KITC would like to thank Andrei Shahun for his willingness to share his knowledge and experience and PandaDoc for active participation in organizing and running the IT Meetup.

Friends, thank you for being with us, stay tuned and keep up to date!


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