A loyal employee is the best thing a business can dream of.

Henry Ford

“Human resources” – this was the theme of our second IT Business Mastermind game. How important is it to have people in a team who are ‘passionate’ about their work, who live the project, who are in love with the product? What is the value and impact of a person on the end result?

Thanks to Anna Odrinskaya, an experienced moderator, we examined the following questions:

  • what motivates a person to work?
  • is work a rest and a thrill or is work a place where you work hard?
  • do teams need mentors – for the younger generation?
  • what are the advantages of small companies?
  • why do young professionals change jobs?
  • what is the value of experienced specialists in their expertise and what impact can they really make on the quality of the product / service?

Kyiv IT Cluster team is grateful to Anna Odrinska for her readiness to share her knowledge, insights and experience, for her active support and participation in projects.

Thanks to everyone who took part and supports our IT Business Mastermind project!

Definitely it’s a very valuable format of work for IT business and there will be more interesting to come.

Follow the announcements and stay with us.


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