There are no wrong ideas! That was the slogan of the first IT Business MasterMind.

Yesterday we successfully launched a new project of Kyiv IT Cluster – IT Business MasterMind, which we organised with the support of Coworking Platforma and Ukrsibbank.

What can we say following the results of the first event? Yes, it’s the first project of this format, yes, we were very worried and even doubted sometimes. Yes, not everything is always quick and perfect.

But we did it! We started a new format of events, did a lot of work, and we are proud of our team!

First of all KITC thanks moderator Evheniy Yevtushenko for excellent preparation and support in organization, for readiness to share knowledge and experience, and for lightning-fast work.

KITC thanks all participants of IT Business MasterMind, each of you was an integral part of the process and each of you made the event active, lively, strong and driving. Friends, you’re awesome!

IT Business MasterMind, showed that people are ready to solve problems together, find solutions and ways out and are willing to support other people.

4working groups were set up and several issues were handled, namely:

1) Scale the sale of the product by setting up sales and marketing. Markets of interest to participants: Europe, India, America.

2) Launching sales from scratch, what to focus on (for new IT companies).

3) How to change how to work with customers to increase conversions?

Each group presented their ideas and solutions and debriefed at the end of the meeting.

Mastermind is a great collaboration, a wonderful exchange of experiences and networking. It is a boost of energy and new ideas for your business!

For all those who didn’t join yesterday, we announce the IT Business MasterMind 2.0 already on 17/08.

And registration has already started!


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