The KITC is actively cooperating with chambers of commerce and industry in various countries.

Work has now been established with countries such as Canada, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as countries in the Middle East. Participating companies have an exclusive opportunity to participate in various events and projects organised by Chambers of Commerce around the world.

So far, a productive cooperation plan has been developed with several countries.


An online meeting with IT companies in Kyiv and Canada will take place in the near future. The purpose of the meeting is to exchange expertise, requests, solutions for projects and products of Canadian companies. The result will be established international cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership for developers from both sides.

An online webinar with local Chamber of Commerce of Canadian cities is planned for August.

A trade mission is planned for September-October.


Japan shows great interest in cooperation with IT companies in Ukraine. Now we see high demand, great need and readiness to invest in products for lonely people, elderly people and children from many representatives of Japanese high-tech sector.


An online event is planned for September with companies in Israel and Kyiv on the topic of IT innovation.

Additional talks on joint projects and organising new events are currently underway with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Italy as well as the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We will cover and announce each event in detail on our information platforms so that the maximum number of Kyiv IT Cluster members can join the event and make new connections.


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