One of the tasks that the Kyiv IT Cluster is intended to solve is the creation of platforms where the players of the capital’s IT ecosystem will communicate and be able to achieve common goals. The team described it as follows: “Unite, Teach, and Inspire.”

This description fully corresponds to the initiative, which the Cluster together with Infopulse have been implementing since 2018 at the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science of the KPI Institute (FIOT). This year, a number of IT companies joined the Project: GlobalLogic, DataArt, EPAM, Genesis. The initiative, which in particular is actively supported by the Rector of the KPI Mykhailo Zgurovskyi, is a complex of three large-scale components:

  • intellectual robotodrom,
  • hub
  • and smart park

in which the participants have invested about 4500000 UAH.

What is the attraction of the initiative?

First of all, it is the scale and level of the development of the idea. Students and professors have conducted research, identified the main stages of the project, made preparations, attracted possible own resources and started to create their own part of IT, and only after that they started looking for partners.

Secondly, according to our conviction, information technology emerged and developed in order to make people’s lives better. That is why we were struck by the FIOT Project, which took into account an inclusive component. All locations of the Project are designed with the special needs of potential visitors in mind.

Thirdly, FIOT is a source of personnel for the industry, a place where startups are born and promising teams are formed, whose early introduction can be useful for all participants.

Project details

“The Intelligent Robotodrome,” which is being created in partnership could be the largest nonprofit location in terms of scale and opportunity, where students at FIOT and other departments and universities can build and test robots, IoT devices or technologies, including to improve inclusive accessibility in cities and to help students with special needs. The Project was based on robotics labs at U.S.A. universities.

The second component of the plan is The Hub, which is intended to be a center for networking, knowledge sharing, and a place to create startup projects (primarily focused on participating in the local Sikorsky Challenge). Lectures, mitaps, hackathons, olympiads, and events of any format can be organized on the 650 square meters of the location.

Smart Park” – a place for informal communication and outdoor events – unites and includes both of the above mentioned components into one system. It is an open space for everyone, where thematic mural by the famous French street artist Nelly will be created.

Kyiv IT Cluster invites companies – first of all IT companies – to join the initiative: to support the FIVT complex, to be among the first stakeholders of the Project, together with Infopulse, GlobalLogic, DataArt, EPAM, Genesis and our team, and to help finalize the initiative of students and faculty administration, from which all participants will benefit.


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