We are happy to announce that not only companies, but also individuals can now become members of the cluster! IT specialists, IT students and individual specialists working in large companies and freelancers.

This is a unique offer on the Ukrainian IT market, the purpose of which is:

  • Bring IT professionals together to develop the region’s ecosystem;
  • To create a strong platform for achieving common goals both for large companies and each expert, IT specialist;
  • Provide an opportunity to develop and to get constant comprehensive support.

The uniqueness of the proposal is that the cost of participation is only $ 10 per quarter!

10 $ per quarter and you get:

  1. Participation in our events.
  2. Special conditions on paid events.
  3. You also get a great opportunity to be a cluster speaker.
  4. Attraction to international events;
  5. Good terms of cooperation with the co-working. You get the constant support of a specialist of the Ukrainian Co-working Association.
  6. Support and expert financial advice from our partner UkrSibbank.

That’s why we invite everyone to join KITC and make Kyiv’s IT ecosystem stronger!


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