The other day we held the Annual Meetup of Kyiv IT Cluster members, which brought together our members and partners, IT community, and government representatives.

The Cluster team presented the achievements of 2021 and shared their plans for 2022.

The main special projects we are running in 2022:

  • Interaction with communities
  • Research of IT-market of Kyiv and Kyiv region
  • Digitalization of the Museum of the Government of Ukraine
  • Interaction with universities
  • Export and lead generation on the international market for IT companies
  • Kyiv IT Cluster as a center of opportunities for startups
  • Retail Hackathon

Your opinion is very important to us, so please take a few minutes to complete our survey in order to help us make the IT Research better.

You can find detailed information about our plans and projects in the presentation

Photo report here#nbsp;

We also bring to your attention a plan of events that we have planned for the near future and invite everyone to participate and become partners.

Thank you all for joining – we were glad to see you!

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