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Kyiv IT Cluster

We are an NGO and a community of Kyiv IT companies. Here, service and software development outsourcing companies, startups, product companies and others come together to create one ecosystem. We unite, educate, strengthen, inspire our members, helping them identify their mutual interests and reach common goals. Be it educational or science-related projects, GR or international cooperation — we're eager to help.


Improve the living standards of the region and the country by helping to grow the local IT ecosystem

Strategic goal

Unite the community and improve the factors of production, expertise and professionalism of the participants to make Kyiv the leading IT location of Eastern Europe

General Strategy

To make Kyiv IT Cluster the heart of the region in information technologies development and communications and help realize the potential of local IT specialists

Cluster Presentation

Cross-clusters cooperation

Media Partnership

Why become a member

Kyiv IT Cluster membership is a must have for steady business growth

Establish your reputation as a trusted IT ecosystem player
Prove your company is ready to collaborate and grow further
Ecosystem thinking
Contribute to the ecosystem growth by sharing your knowledge, experience and insights
and more
Cluster members enjoy closed networking meetings, niche events, special offers and other deals to help them grow

Kyiv IT Cluster

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Kyiv IT Cluster ambassadors

Дмитро Тітов

Юлія Волошина

Хіроші Шібата

Cross-cluster and Communities Cooperation

We are interested in:

Establishing connections with other clusters and international communities for organising meetups and improving business connections between our members

Establishing consortiums for joint cooperation on relevant grant programs

Helping our members in finding good international partners and clients

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